Puzzle # 5
Suffrage is so close

You picked the perfect political cartoon to run in the comics section of the newspaper

In 1918, President Wilson switched his stance on women's voting rights from objection to support. Wilson also tied the proposed suffrage amendment to America's involvement in World War I (1914-18) and the increased role women had played in the war efforts. When the amendment came up for vote, Wilson addressed the Senate in favor of suffrage. As reported in The New York Times on October 1, 1918, Wilson said, "I regard the extension of suffrage to women as vitally essential to the successful prosecution of the great war of humanity in which we are engaged." However, despite Wilson's newfound support, the amendment proposal failed in the Senate by two votes. Another year passed before Congress took up the measure again.

Hopefully you did enough to build up public pressure to convince Congress to pass equal voting rights for women. On your clue tracker sheet add these last number to your handout: 747